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Sadly, the Covid pandemic has delayed this group…  Bumble bee activity declines through the autumn and queens hibernate through the winter months (except for a very few ‘winter active’ Buff-tailed (Bombus terrestris) nests — a climate-change-driven pattern that has developed over recent years*).  I plan to re-energise the group in Spring 2022…

Web links…

BeeWalk Survey Scheme

Bumble Bee Conservation Trust home page

Steven Falk’s Bumble Bee Flickr albums

Facebook BWARS page


Bumblebees An Introduction — Nikki Gammans, Richard Comont et al.  Published by BBCT.  Small factual book with lots of pictures etc too help ID.

Field Guide to the Bees of Great Britain and Ireland — Steven Falk and Richard Lewington.  Covers all the solitary and bumble bees — probably a bit OTT just for bumbles

A Sting in the Tale — Dave Goulson.  A fantastic, easily-read, little paperbook, often available second-hand, crammed full of interesting info about bumbles by the man who founded the BBCT.  Inspirational (but not ID-driven).  This is the book that really got me hooked.