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Timetable of Events for 2019/20

December 2019 – a selection of our photos can be seen this month and next on display at the Leigh Community Centre; well worth a visit:

November 2019

We met in November to decide on our entries into the Inter U3A Competition (to be judged in January 2020) and what photos we would display on the walls at Leigh Community Centre (on display Dec 19 – Jan 20).  The selections made are below:

Inter U3A Competition Photos:

LCC Photos:

October/September 2019

In September we visited Coalhouse Fort in Tilbury.  These photos were reviewed at our October meeting in the Community Centre along with our submissions for the theme of Portraits and those for chimneys.  Photos are below:


Coalhouse Fort:


August 2019

Our August meeting included the topics of Plants and Silhouettes, photos below:



We had a busy July meeting with three sets of photos to review, Gulls, Shadows and Machinery.  Photos below:



Poppies by Ruth (taken in July walking up the cliffs from Leigh Station):


May brought us the challenge of Hair:

Our April Challenge was Circles:

March Challenge was Wind – submissions below:

March 2019 Meeting

After reviewing our “Wind” photographs, Dave Lesley showed us how to cut and display photos using a simple mount – see photos below.  A mount cutter set can be found on line and, as at March 2019, Amazon had sets ranging from £15 to £231, so take your pick.

Our challenge for February was Rust:






Southend Pier April 2018:

Transport May 2018:

Blue May 2018:

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