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Theme – Boats and Things that Float

Theme – Open Doors Sept 2021

Theme – Animals Sept 2021

Theme – Belfairs visited August 2021

Theme – Lines 2021

Theme – Accessories July 2021

Theme – Hyde Hall visited June 2021

Theme – Winter Flowers/Berries

Theme – Christmas Decorations

Theme – Books/Reading

With Covid19 issues stopping us getting out and about as a group, a theme has been set for November of book/reading.  The submissions are added below as and when received.

Hadleigh Country Park – October 2020

Despite an initial fear that we might have bad weather, our visit to Hadleigh took place in brilliant warm sunshine with blue skies and a nice cooling breeze from the south west.  Photos below:


Leigh-on-Sea – September 2020

Chalkwell Park – August 2020

Battlesbridge – 10th July 2020

After the lockdown and the easing of restrictions, came our first trip out as a group to take some photos.  Battlesbridge was always the plan from way back at the start of the year and no reason to change it.  Seven of us (plus one guest) had an enjoyable few hours wandering around Battlesbridge, dodging the rain and ending up with some “social distancing” coffee in the Barge Inn.  The photos are below:

Great Warley – 13th March 2020

The Great Warley trip photos can be seen here.

14th February 2020

We met at LCC to review our January seafront stroll photos (see below) and our weather submissions.  I think we all found weather to be a challenging topic.  Results of all our efforts are shown below.

Seafront Stroll – January 2020

On 10th January the group took a stroll from the Chalkwell Shelter along the seafront to the Rossi Ice Cream Parlour where we stopped for a warm up cuppa.  The photographs taken en-route are below:

9th January 2020

We were invited to take part in an inter U3A photographic competition and the entries were viewed and judged today at New Eastwood U3A.  All the entries and their scores can be seen here.  Well done to those four entries from Leigh Estuary that scored the maximum of 20 points and very well done to Sue whose submission “Patriotic Butterfly” was voted by the judge to be the best overall photo.  The judges comments on each photo can be seen here.

December 2019

We met as usual in December to not just review our Leigh Lights and Door/Door Knobs photos but to also celebrate with some end of year festivities including a huge number of rather naughty but nice pastries courtesy of Sue B and Ruth.  Thanks to them both for a splendid meeting.  What we did discover was that Ian had a strange view of what comprised a door knob, but hey what he uses to open his doors is his business!

Sue and Ruth also organised a quiz when we were asked to match up well known photographers with their photographs.  If you missed the event or simply want to have another go then you can view the quiz here  (no cheating!)  Sue also undertook some research on each of these photographers and the results of her research can be found alongside the answers or a direct link here.

Photos, including a few missed at the meeting can be seen below:

Leigh Lights December 2019:

Doors & Door Knobs:

December 2019 – a selection of our photos can be seen this month and next on display at the Leigh Community Centre; well worth a visit:

November 2019

We met in November to decide on our entries into the Inter U3A Competition (to be judged in January 2020) and what photos we would display on the walls at Leigh Community Centre (on display Dec 19 – Jan 20).  The selections made are below:

Inter U3A Competition Photos:

LCC Photos:

October/September 2019

In September we visited Coalhouse Fort in Tilbury.  These photos were reviewed at our October meeting in the Community Centre along with our submissions for the theme of Portraits and those for chimneys.  Photos are below:


Coalhouse Fort:


August 2019

Our August meeting included the topics of Plants and Silhouettes, photos below:



We had a busy July meeting with three sets of photos to review, Gulls, Shadows and Machinery.  Photos below:



Poppies by Ruth (taken in July walking up the cliffs from Leigh Station):


May brought us the challenge of Hair:

Our April Challenge was Circles:

March Challenge was Wind – submissions below:

March 2019 Meeting

After reviewing our “Wind” photographs, Dave Lesley showed us how to cut and display photos using a simple mount – see photos below.  A mount cutter set can be found on line and, as at March 2019, Amazon had sets ranging from £15 to £231, so take your pick.

Our challenge for February was Rust:






Southend Pier April 2018: